Climate change is a direct risk to food supply.
All components of the food chain are impacted
by accelerated climate variability.
[생글기자 코너] Climate change threatening agriculture
Warming has profound effects on biological rates, affecting their ability to survive. In spite of a number of raised questions about climate change, some people still argue that it is inevitable so that there is no action needed and some even deny the existence of the matter. However, climate change is directly related not merely to human beings life pattern but the food chain.

Climate change is a direct risk to food supply. All components of the food chain are impacted by accelerated climate variability. For instance, increased frequency and intensity of droughts and other extreme events directly threaten food productivity and soil health, leading to severe food shortages. Subsequently, this will result in a rise in food costs, affecting livelihoods of producers, spending capacities of consumers and success of food- related businesses. It is also significant that food shortages are likely to affect poorer parts of the world disproportionately. This makes the food system particularly vulnerable to change, especially in agrarian countries.

Climate variability and extreme weather events are considered as among the key drivers in global hunger. According to the World Food Program, it is predicted that the risk of hunger and malnutrition could increase up to 20 percent on average, and annually 200 to 300 million people are affected, and about 26 million people are forced into poverty due to climate extreme events. The situation can be exacerbated by current levels of greenhouse gases emission and temperature rise, and it is estimated that by the year 2100, there will be decline in the production of major cereal crops. Hence if the trends continue, in the very near future, it will become difficult to cope up with rising needs to growing population consequently.

Climate change is here to stay. It will continue to affect livelihoods and food security, and the poor and the vulnerable will be impacted. Therefore, it must be a critical part of the planning in agriculture, food security and livelihood to have resilient project and adapt to their situations. “Climate change is putting food safety at risk and action is needed to prepare the food system for the challenges ahead”, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Though climate change unescapably happens in accordance with the development of the technology for human beings comfort, humanity to coexist with all other organisms in the globe is still crucial.

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