Recently, 8 out of 10 Koreans use YouTube, and their average monthly viewing time was about 33 hours. It means watching for more than an hour a day. We're spending quite a bit of time on YouTube.

The watching reason of YouTube will be different depending on the age group, gender, and interests. However, it should be considered that everyone has the same chance of being fooled by fake news that is indiscriminately posted on YouTube.

Recently, YouTube has seen a surge in fake news channels that deceive people with highly provocative titles and thumbnails. It makes fake news like a factory on a variety of issues, such "Trot singer Jung Dong Won and Jang Min Ho are real family.", "Passing the Special Act on Woo Young-woo in the United States."

You can think who would be fooled by this channel's video. But the people they want to trick are not elders, children. It is the people that are weak in 'media literacy'.

The term "media literacy" means the ability to gain knowledge and understand information related to the media. Thus, It refers to the ability to correctly understand and distinguish information pouring from numerous media. The reason for being deceived by fake news is that it did not correctly understand and distinguish the information given by fake news.

Media literacy is not learned, so it is useless to be deceived by the video and report the video. It's because they changed my profile and nickname soon and they are working again. Media literacy is therefore extremely important.

The things we can do to raise our media literacy skills, we first need the power to think for ourselves. At first rather than developing abilities through the media, it is important to consistently organize my thoughts using books. In addition, it is necessary to listen to various opinions such as whether the source of the video can be trusted and whether the basis of the claim has been confirmed to be true.

It is also good to experience how media is created while creating media content yourself. This process allows you to develop the ability to judge which media is reasonable. It can also be a good opportunity to know about copyright

I hope the day will come soon when we all raise media literacy and win from fake news.
조예준 생글기자(대전관저중 3년)
조예준 생글기자(대전관저중 3년)