"A glory has departed and the sun that warmed and brightened our lives has set"

⊙ 배경

[영어로 읽는 세기의 名연설] ⑦ 자와하르랄 네루의 간디의 죽음에 대한 조사(Eulogy)
이 조사는 인도의 네루 수상이 1948년 2월2일 간디의 죽음을 애도하면서 행한 연설이다.

그는 작가답게 군데군데 시적인 표현을 넣으면서 정치적 동반자였던 간디의 죽음을 애도하고 있다.

네루는 이글에서 간디를 '신성을 가진 인간(man of God)'으로 표현하면서 그의 일생을 높이 평가했다.

그의 죽음으로 인도와 인도인은 암흑과 슬픔 속에 싸여 있으나 그의 영혼의 불은 인도를 영원히 비춰주고 인도인들을 인도할 것이라며 슬픔을 달래고 있다.

그는 나아가 간디의 유업을 받들자고 호소하고 있다.

20세기 인도의 문화에 가장 큰 영향을 준 마하트마 간디는 이 연설이 있기 사흘 전인 1월30일 뉴델리의 힌두 사원에서 한 힌두 광신자에 의해 피살됐다.

⊙ 자와하르랄 네루 (1889~1964년)

인도의 정치가이며 민족운동 지도자다.

영국 케임브리지대에서 수학했으며 1912년 귀국해 독립운동에 투신했다.

인도 독립후 인도 수상겸 외무 장관을 지냈다.

⊙ 원문 읽기

A glory has departed and the sun that warmed and brightened our lives has set and We shiver in the cold and dark.

Yet,he would not have us feel this way.

After all,that glory that we saw for all these years,that man with the divine fire,changed us also--and such as we are,we have been molded by him during these years: and out of that divine fire many of us also took a small spark which strengthened and made us work to some extent on the lines that he fashioned.

And so if we praise him,our words seem rather small and if we praise him,to some extent we also praise ourselves.

Great men and eminent men have monuments in bronze and marble set up for them,but this man of divine fire managed in his life-time to become ①enshrined in millions and millions of hearts so that all of us became somewhat of the stuff that he was made of,though to an infinitely lesser degree.

He spread out in this way all over India not in palaces only,or in select places or in assemblies but in every ②hamlet and hut of the lowly and those who suffer.

He lives in the hearts of millions and he will live for immemorial ages.

What then can we say about him except to feel humble on this occasion?

To praise him we are not worthy-to praise him whom we could not follow adequately and sufficiently.

It is almost doing him an injustice just to pass him by with words when he demanded work and labor and sacrifice from us: in a large measure he made this country,during the last thirty years or more,attain to heights of sacrifice which in that particular domain have never been equaled elsewhere.

He succeeded in that.

Yet ultimately things happened which no doubt made him suffer tremendously though his tender face never lost its smile and he never spoke a harsh word to anyone.

Yet,he must have suffered- suffered for the failing of this generation whom he had trained,suffered because we went away from the path that he had shown us.

And ultimately the hand of a child of his-for he after all is as much a child of his as any other Indian-a hand of the child of his struck him down.

Long ages afterwards history will judge of this period that we have passed through.

It will judge of the successes and the failures-we are too near it to be proper judges and to understand what has happened and what has not happened.

All we know is that there was a glory and that it is no more: all we know is that for the moment there is darkness,not so dark certainly because when we look into our hearts we still find the living flame which he lighted there.

And if those living flames exist,there will not be darkness in this land and we shall be able,with our effort,remembering him and following his path,to illumine this land again,small as we are,but still with the fire that he instilled into us.

He was perhaps the greatest symbol of the India of the past,and may I say,of the India of the future,that we could have had.

We stand on this ③perilous edge of the present between that past and the future to be and we face all manner of perils and the greatest peril is sometimes the lack of faith which comes to us,the sense of frustration that comes to us,the sinking of the heart and of the spirit that comes to us when we see ideals go overboard,when we see the great things that we talked about somehow pass into empty words and life taking a different course.

Yet,I do believe that perhaps this period will pass soon enough.

He has gone,and all over India there is a feeling of having been left ④desolate and ⑤forlorn.

All of us sense that feeling,and I do not know when we shall be able to get rid of it,and yet together with that feeling there is also a feeling of proud thankfulness that it has been given to us of this generation to be associated with this mighty person.

In ages to come,centuries and maybe millennia after us,people will think of this generation when this man of God trod on earth and will think of us who,however small,could also follow his path and tread the holy ground where his feet had been.

Let us be worthy of him.

▶ words & Idioms

① enshrined: 간직하다. 소중히 지니다

② hamlet : 작은마을, 부락

③ perilous : 위험한, 모험적인

④ desolate : 황량한

⑤ forlorn : 버림받은

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