[이블린 킴의 iBT writing] Intagrate Essay ⑤-Isn't that something?
여러분이 어디에선가 이 칼럼을 읽고 공부를 하며 또 이 칼럼이 조금이나마 도움이 된다면 정말 행복한 일이다.

필자의 이메일로 지방에서 또는 서울 근교에 거주하는 학생들이 자주 질문을 한다.

가장 많이 하는 질문은 영어적인 표현을 어떻게 하면 익힐 수 있는가와 칼럼에 나오는 문법에서 가끔 그 문장이 왜 오답인지 이해가 안 갈 때가 있다고 하는 것이다.

그리고 Independent Essay를 더 연재해달라는 요청이 자주 있다.

질문에 답을 하자면 영어적인 표현과 문법은 일단 암기 할 수밖에 없다.

힘들고 짜증나겠지만 영어 에세이의 기본은 모방과 암기다.

아무리 네이티브여도 다른 사람이 쓴 잘 써진 에세이에서 표현과 단어를 익혀서 자기 것으로 소화해내면서 실력이 늘어가는 것이다.

즉 그때 그때마다 적절한 표현을 익히고 암기하는 것이 제일 빠르고 확실한 길이다.

그리고 Integrate Essay가 끝나면 다시 independent Essay로 연재할 계획이며 그때 에세이의 기본을 확실히 다질 계획이다.

Grammar; Modifiers

wrong ; The doctor had too many patients that he could not see them all.

right ; The doctor had so many patients that he could not see them all.

wrong ; It was so good game that the stadium was packed.

right ; It was such a good game that the stadium was packed.

right ; It was so good a game that the stadium was packed.

wrong ; The book was as interesting that I could not put it.

right ; The book was so interesting that I could not put it down.

wrong ; He is so shy as he never speaks in class.

right ; He is so shy that he never speaks in class.

wrong ; They had a such good time in Rome that they always dreamed of going back.

right ; They had such a good time in Rome that they always dreamed of going back.

wrong ; He gave me so good advice that I was very grateful to him.

right ; He gave me such good advice that I was very graceful to him.

vocabs ;



△(남을) 너그럽게 봐주다 (condescend,patronize,tolerate)

△가두다 (imprison,jail,confine,incarcerate)

△당황하다 (confuse,confound,dumbfound,bewilder)

△결합하다 (connect,attach,unite,join,couple)

△동의하다/협력하다 (consent,agree,assent,acquiesce)

△ 보존하다 (conserve,preserve,save,store,hoard)

△여기다/생각하다 (consider,regard,count,reckon,deem)

△(슬픔/불행)위로하다 (console,comfort,sympathize,solace,cheer up)

자 그럼 본격적으로 Integrate Essay를 한편 써보자.

먼저 reading passage와 listening passage를 꼼꼼하게 읽어보고 포인트를 찾아 보자(note taking).

굵게 된 부분이 중요 포인트이며 여러분들이 찾은 포인트와 일치하는지 비교해 보자.

제한시간은 20분이며 글자 수는 200자이다.

그리고 반드시 객관적인 관점에서 써야 한다는 중요한 포인트를 잊지 말자.

Reading Passage ;

In order to create a idealized international market,political leaders have drafted treaties allowing imports and exports to cross borders without the hindrance of tariffs.

There is overwhelming evidence showing that free trade agreements are beneficial economically,domestically, and internationally.

Primarily,free trade is a positive change because of the financial rewards it would bring.

Economists have done significant testing that shows tariff-free trading invigorates economies by lowing living cose.

More imported goods on the market at lower costs increases the market competition and in turn lowers prices even further.

This means people can have more money and their money will buy more.

Next,removing trade restrictions offers several benefits to each individual nation involved.

With higher a mounts of inexpensive foreign goods available, countries will be force to focus on their most marketable industries in order to earn the most profits.

This results in the expansion and development of key resources and industries,which in turn generates national specialities around them.

By specializing in the manufacture of certain products people begin to understand how to produce them as quickly and easily as possible,often in ways no one else has thought of before.

Last,free trade agreement assist countries as groups.

As countries become more focused on their key exports,they will consume more and more of other products they import.

This increases a reliance on the goods they receive and helps each other to maintain their trade relationship.

Listening Passage ;

While governments and industries leaders continue to advocate the signing of free trade agreements,many economic analysts caution that these treaties might not have the impact that everyone is hoping for.

Well,in terms of the economic impacts of a free trade agreement,jobs newly created do not compare to the amount of jobs that are lost as many businesses close.

With all the new, inexpensive goods coming in from other countries,most people will stop supporting domestic brands as much.

In addition to that,starting industries will also be lost as they struggle to compete with imported products with established standards of quality.

Domestically,removing the taxes from imports also causes some problems.

By focusing too heavily on a few industries, the national economy will become enormously dependent on them.

This can be quite dangerous because the overall economy of the nation can be ruined if the staple industries are threatened.

Also, in order to produce goods priced comparably to the imported goods, domestic companies will have to drastically reduce their standards of quality.

Finally,free trade agreements have some side effects on international relations in that by everyone becoming a specialist in its key industry,important trade items that others do not simply produce could be used to influence and even control government that depend on them. (iBT Find TOEFL Writing)

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