[이블린 킴의 iBT writing] Integrate Essay④-I am all thumbs when it comes to speaking English
에세이를 길게만 쓴다고 고득점을 받지 않는다.

짧지만 간결하게 reading part와 listening part를 객관적으로 서술 하는 것이 포인트이다.

다시 강조하지만 본인의 의견이 포함되면 안 된다.

이번 회에서는 Integrate Essay를 쓸 때 가장 중요한 note taking에 대해서 배워보자.

note taking 이라는 뜻은 주어진 지문에서 point를 찾아내라는 뜻이다.

그럼 아래 지문에서 중요 포인트를 두 가지 찾아보자.

In many cultures,it is natural to find three or more generations of a family living together in the same house.

This trend seems to be in decline these days.

However,there are some positive aspects of living with extended family.

For children it allows them to feel safe with their families.

This means that children are not left alone often and have the reliable protection of adults around them at all times.

Living with grandparents also gives kids time to build strong bonds thanks to the intensive amounts of contact hours they spend together.

Additionally,the extended family has economic advantages because living in larger groups is an opportunity to save more money.

By dividing living costs between more members,less of the financial burden of running a household falls on one person's income.

Parents can focus on earning money by having more time to work,knowing that their children are safe with their grandparents.

영어 지문의 독해가 된다는 것은 그 지문이 전달하려는 포인트를 정확하게 찾아내는 것이다.

지문을 읽고 지문 내에서만 그대로 포인트를 뽑아내서 객관적으로 쓰면 된다.

그러면 여러분이 찾은 포인트가 아래의 포인트와 일치하는지 보자.

Main Point = extended family (대가족) 의 긍정적인 면

1. Children safe - no left alone

- protection

2. saving money - share living cost

- can focus on making money

그러면 찾아낸 포인트를 어떻게 정리하고 쓸 것인가가 중요하다.

지문에 있는 단어와 표현을 그대로 베낀다면 상당한 감점을 각오해야 한다.

즉, 다른 단어로 대체가 불가능한 단어들은 원본에 있는 그대로 써도 상관없지만 나머지는 다른 단어로 바꾸어야 한다.

예를 들어서 탄수화물은 carbohydrate이며 이를 대체해서 쓸 단어는 없으므로 그대로 사용 가능하다.

그럼 아래 지문을 원래 뜻은 훼손하지 않은 채 가능한 다른 단어로 바꾸어서 다시 써보자.

(원문) New evidence supports the theory that the environmental concerns facing the planet are the result of human actions.

(수정) The claim that environment disruption is caused by people is supported by the new evidence.

Grammar Points : Comparatives

Structure Errors

wrong : Betty is more smarter than her classmates.

right : Betty is smarter than her classmates.

wrong : This building is more expensive as that one.

right : This building is more expensive than that one.

wrong : I own two cars,a Ford and a Chevrolet. I like the Chevrolet the best.

right : I own two cars,a Ford and a Chevrolet. I like the Chevrolet better.

Logic Errors

wrong : John's salary was much larger than Bob.

right : John's salary was much larger than that os Bob.

wrong : The number of people at the meeting is larger than last week.

right : The number of people at the meeting is larger than that at last week's meeting.

wrong : Mary is smarter than anybody in her class.

right : Mary is smarter than any other student in the class.

wrong : Alaska is larger than any state in the United States.

right : Alaska is larger than any other state in the United States.

Vocabs :

인용하다/예를 들다 (cite,quote,refer,adduce)

명백히 하다/ 설명하다 (explain,clarity,interpret,elucudate,explicate)

깨끗이 하다 (clean,sweep,cleanse,dust,wipe)

위로 올라가다/ 오르다 (climb,ascend,mount,rise,scale)

일치하다/부합하다 (agree,coincide,correspond,tally)


(목표 등을 향해) 움직이다 (come,arrive,reach,gain)

(행위를) 행하다 (do,commit,discharge,dispatch,perpetrate)

유사하다/ 비교하다/ …기미가 있다(compare,correspond,parallel,approach, savor of,smack of) 강요하다 (compel,oblige,force,necessitate,constrain,coerce)

그러면 지난 호에 나간 reading을 요약한 학생의 글을 보자.

점수는 30점 만점에 28~29점 정도는 받을 만큼 훌륭한 글쓰기다.

중요 point가 다 들어있고 객관적으로 깔끔하게 쓴 에세이이다.

각자 본인의 에세이와 비교해보자.

In this fast developing society,a growing number of people want to know what happiness really means.

To answer this question,most spiritual readers say that passion is the answer.(서론)

Meng Tzu is one of the most respectful Chinese philosophers and he is known for his unique definition of people.

In his term,people are born with a good nature and the nature is divided into two qualities : Humanity and Justice.

Humanity means having love for others.

Also,having the ability of differentiating between right and wrong is referred as justice.

He especially emphasizes the concept of having passion for living being which is the core of human nature.

Because of this revolutionary concept,he influences both the ruler and ordinary people in his time. (body 1)

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